Highs and Lows - 12/52

It started low but definitely picking up along the way 📈


  1. Mother went home from the hospital last Thursday. She's okay but needs lots of bed rest.
  2. A friend resigned from office. As always, I'm happy because she still have a long long way to go and I love her much to leave rather than spending her days here. Trivia: her fiance shares the same name with my last name haha
  3. Vented out my frustration and anger. Trivia: I was going to use "Stingy Smell of Society's Expectation" as the title. But I felt like I'm not angry enough to begin with, thus the change.
  4. Breakfast with 'local' Onigiri 🍙 The filling wasn't as mayo as I thought but it was good. Plus I haven't had onigiri in a while.
  5. Went on walking tour "A Walk to Understand" throughout holy places of some religions in Pasar Baru area. It was so fun! Photos and stories coming up soon!
  6. Finally popped my cherry: went to Pasar Baru! I always want to go here but I have no time to do it until last Saturday. It was nice.
  7. Another cherry popped: tasted Bakmi Gang Kelinci! 🍜 I'm a sucker for thicker noodles, reason why I prefer udon than ramen. It was heavenly. The crunchy potstickers, though!
  8. Then watched beauty and the beast. Which was AWESOME. incomparable to the original as they are in a different league. But how can I not fall for Emma's Belle and her wonderful relationship with his father? Gaston had me whenever he's on screen. I wanted to shower him with love but also smack his head. DAN STEVENS, THOUGH. I fell for him since the first scene. his finesse, then his face. Those big blue eyes did so many wonders. I love. Oh.
  9. Tried Chatime's Cafe Matcha, which was interesting. I quite like it. If only it's not too pricey!
  10. Nailed my train trip. Took the right train without missing my stops! Yay! 🚆
  11. Also met a friend during my commute home.
  12. Rainy Sunday! Which was marvelous and cool and perfect.


  1. Still get the same question. Wtf
  2. Lost the stub of Beauty and The Beast. First time losing my stub! 😢🎫
  3. The dilemma of getting new shoes 👟 Ugh if only my budget isn't so tight. I think I'll just settle for Converse now. Are they durable and could last long (at least three years)? I never bought converse before 😕
  4. Some work disappointments. Nothing new.
I feel like I always have no good sentence to end every 52 posts. I'm sorry 😰 I'll blame it on Monday. Now tell me how's your week!

"What am I without you, Papa?"
Belle. Beauty and The Beast, 2017.

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