Highs and Lows 13 + 14/52

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I took two weeks off from writing because I had shitty weeks. Almost disastrous. Bad things kept coming from every direction, family, friends, office; and I just couldn't take it anymore. I figured if I took some days off, I'd write things fresh. Without feeling overwhelmed and less sound like a whine -- in which I'm afraid this blog have turned into, a big site of whine. I'm deeply sorry for people who stayed throughout my posts and reading and thought that way. I'm terribly sorry.


  1. My most coveted shoes were back in stock and of course, I just have to buy it. I did. They are marvelous. Too bad I should've gone a size smaller (continued in lows)
  2. Glico ice creams! If you've been to Japan, you'll see them at least once. Recently they are manufactured here. So good! I tried Waku Waku, J. Cone, and Frostbite. They're a bit too sweet for my liking, though.
  3. McDonalds' sea salt caramel! It's a part of the seasonal menu for Smurf movie's Happy Meal campaign. Delish! The sweetness of caramel with a touch of salt flavor, almost umami-like. I'm in love!
  4. HBO Asia's Sent. Coming soon! And it's hilarious! A must watch.
  5. Found out Silicon Valley wasn't as dreadful as I thought (other than their stuff about shares).
  6. Justin Trudeau's session on Quora. Short but lovely. I like his insight. And a little selfie definitely didn't hurt.
  7. Talked to a friend who is a lecturer about my future university plans and she gave me new perspective plus immense support. I'm grateful.
  8. Dad. For simply being badass through my lows and kept sending me supportive messages.
  9. Baby bro. For simply being worried about my well-being.
  10. And the weather for being so nice.
  11. Also, how amazing is Winner's Fate Number For? I really dig both tracks, Really Really and Fool upon first listening. Not to mention both MVs are incredibly gorgeous. Amazing.
  12. Thor: Ragnarok's trailer got my wig SNATCHED. It's pretty Guardians of the Galaxy-ish but I'm surprisingly very much okay with it? Somewhat space opera. I'm very excited to see new direction Thor is heading because two previous Thor movies were doing poorly despite pretty much faithful to his origin. I kinda get my hopes high but, man, I'm just very very stoked about it.


  1. The online store accepted return and I could switch size. The thing is, I wore them outside once, no longer than 10 minutes, thus they're kind of dirty. And the store said they couldn't switch size if mine is dirty :( I'm trying to clean them up so fingers crossed (I couldn't pack them perfectly too but that's another story).
  2. A major disappointment at work. Like, major. Which made myself dreaded being in office if I'm not putting myself to work. Close to suffocation, almost torturous.
  3. Family problems.
  4. Major writer's block. Thus why I put off from posting my trip on A Walk to Understand.
  5. Not to mention huge editing block. Everything just looks wrong in post-processing. I don't know why (all photos in this post are unedited, except the first one).
  6. That relentless feeling of not getting enough sleep
  7. Spent two weeks feeling down and anxious over everything. I hate it.
  8. Also, I hate how helpless I am. Like, I couldn't even conjure a good enough way out nor cry and get up. It's frustrating.
And that's how I spent previous two weeks. I really hope I could look up a bit in the coming days. In the meantime, tell me how you've been?

"Promise me you'll help him. And when you do, do me a favor. Tell him everything is going to be okay. "
Capt. Colter Stevens. Source Code, 2011.

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