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Guess I should give some heads up on things changing on this blog as of late. Nothing major, though. But grab some coffee indeed. Let's have a chat here.

The Name

Back then, I have a hard time finding a name that's representing the whole package of this blog. Anyone ever felt such? Nothing feels right and true to my vision so I settled with using a combination of my own name, tanaditya. It's not really representative in my opinion, also it doesn't look great in bookmarks, but I felt like it summed myself nicely. So be it.

Fast forward last month, I jotted down possible names on my notes. Absentmindedly. Out of the blue. These two words popped up, Wander and Wonder. I wander a lot, going to places and watch so many movies. I also wonder a lot. Analyzing and making sense of things. Having a different perspective on kinds of stuff then write it here. Also sharing my stories. Then I thought, why not?

And "Wander and Wonder" was born.

I'm still thinking whether to change the URL or not but I guess it doesn't really matter. Maybe for now. Guess we'll see in the future.

The Layout

I love tweaking CSS and HTML for my layout. Despite I can only do so much.

But I realized that layout is another complete package of the blog. Complete with the mobile view and high readability and all. It's a make it or break it. It has to entice people to look further then your posts will glue them longer. Though I feel pretty confident with my previous self-made layout, I do realize it's far from perfect. And being a safe person that I am, I bought this premade layout.

I wanna engage people one post at a time, or rows of related posts relating to Wander and Wonder concept of this blog. I think it's more suitable for the format of my writing and I like it a lot. I'm still tweaking some stuff (read: I can't settle with two choices of font) to maximize your viewing pleasure so bear with me for a while? Any constructive criticism is also welcomed.

The Format

The theme of this blog is Wander and Wonder. In which Wander is about physical journey and travel; consists of Escapade and Movielogy. And Wonder is all about thoughts and stories in 52, Recap and Stories. I'm still thinking where to put Beauty but I guess it has to be in Wonder. What do you think?

I'm trying to update this blog once every week. It's an adequate amount of post and definitely suitable to my current hectic life. I feel like I always push myself to produce new content every week and it's okay, surprisingly. Because I have many random things to talk about in the span of a week. I'm also trying to lace the posts, one Wander then one Wonder, just for the sake of variety. But we'll see.

And that's all. Nothing much. How's your new take on blogging as of late?

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