Ennichisai Little Tokyo 2017

May 13-13th, 2017. Ennichisai Little Tokyo in Blok M

Familiar places. Familiar faces. Familiar tenants. Familiar language. The always happy and enthusiastic crowd. The smell of takoyaki and okonomiyaki in the air. Shouts of "Come in!". Broken Indonesian language. Broken Japanese language. Endless laughs and cheers. Japanese people. Ojisan in haori. Colorful yukata. Ever so shiny omikoshi. Music. Loud music. Traditional music. Modern music. Cover songs. Cosplays. Family cosplay. Girls in pigtail and ponytail. Discounted goods. The smell of grilled squid/ikayaki. The first bite of ikayaki. Tenderness and juiciness of ikayaki. Rows and rows of merchandises. The tenants' mascots turned celebrities. The couple who asked me to take a photo of them together under the lantern in golden hour. The photo was lovely. Golden hour. Orange sky. Hesitation and confusion over dinner. Yummy and too filling karaage made by a very lovely aunt. Feeling so bloated and unable to move afterward. The night filled with neon lights. The endless wave of people. Familiar scene.

Also, discovering what is HDR for. Damn.

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