2017 Movies Reviewed, First Half

Ticking off long awaited movies one by one. I kinda have a long list of must watch this year but I don't push it. Still a bummer that I missed some such as Power Rangers and Kong though. If you look closely, I spent most of my time in one mall just near by the office and started watching after working hours. I found it more comfortable to watch on weekdays simply because I couldn't handle weekend traffic jam. Ain't got no time for that!

Warning: reviews may contain spoiler.


The Great Wall

First off, I have zero qualms against mindless, insubstantial movies. Some people would see it as a waste of money but I have to say there's an enjoyment in that. This movie is one of them. Highly wtf in general and purely made to waste money while being high in aesthetic. Just look at the costumes and CGI! The story is based on le old MacGuffin again but, hey, it works every time. I'm kind of annoyed by the Chinese characters. As if they were only cast as eye candies! Even Andy Lau doing close to nothing throughout the movie. But I think it's fun. Nothing too extravagant yet still pleasant. While still highly wtf. 2/5


It's possible to fall in love with a movie in the first frame. I came in, hoping for another alien story, but went home half shivering because it has a great girl power message. As a subber, a linguist in a sense, this movie is so close to me. And as a lady, this movie is so powerful. Amy Adams' character doesn't try to be someone she's not. She stays in her lane, doing what she does best, and still saves the world by the end of the day. And all the guys there, oh how I love guys who don't try to overpower any ladies and belittle them. I will play this movie to my daughter in the future. To make her believe she could be everything she wants. 5/5

John Wick 2

I treated this movie (and its prequel) as a special one. Partly because Keanu Reeves is in it (global sweetheart, if you ask me) and released on my birthday week. I also kind of had high hopes because the first movie was so well done. Taken place just after the ending of the first movie, what could go wrong, right? That's where the expectation failed me. This movie failed to carry the same charm as the previous one despite putting some better action scenes. I love the first movie's grit, tone, overall style, while the second one did a complete turnover. Too flashy, in short. Not a very disappointing one, if you ask me. But missed the mark indeed. Then there's the whole story of a very noisy mom but that's another disappointment story to be told. 2.5/5


I was really looking forward to this one. I just miss James McAvoy being a psycho, alright? This one is good, pretty predictable, but getting slow at times. Somewhat failed suspense. But McAvoy's acting was top notch and it's so worth it to come to the cinema to watch him alone. He easily transformed to another persona easily, making me forget who am I seeing. Also, Anya Taylor-Joy was a delight despite underperformed. And the ending! What a throwback. 4/5


Who knew 120 mins of Logan and Xavier cussing is something I need after an array of superhero movies? R-rated old retired Uber driver Wolverine is perfect in every sense. The storyline is heavy yet humane, packed with many actions and full of violence. And then there's Laura, which is amazing in her limited ability to convey stuff. Everything is perfect. Complete. I love it. I remember I came out of the cinema half crying. And then there's another man wiping tears off his face. It was touching. A perfect ending to an era. 5/5

Beauty and the Beast

Belle was never my fave princess. I think something was off with her but don't mind me (my fave was Mulan). I entered the cinema, thinking it would be a frame by frame adaptation and I'm not wrong. What I was wrong was how much feels it would bring me. I was singing throughout the movie, laughing along, teared up over Belle's relationship with papa. Everything was frame by frame adaptation and boy, I really don't mind. That's what I call live adaptation and it was lovely. Kinda sad I lost my stub 😞  3.5/5

Guardians of the Galaxy

I will forever put Marvel and bonkers together. This movie is a technicolor bonkers, indeed. Much much better than the first one despite the director putting much more arcs in this movie. How is that even possible? The mismatched characters were lovely, the dialogues were moving so eloquently, a very pleasant cinematic experience. I got a sense that the director is trying to build a more solid GotG universe by putting everything in. The consequence is that it doesn't give (much) leeway to Avengers but it solidified GotG and I prefer that. IMO the only downside was there were too many songs as BGM to the point I got sick and began wanting actual orchestra as BGM. Too bad. Check out my little note in Quora. 4.5/5

Wonder Woman

Despite my internal struggle, this movie was a delight. I have too much faith in female director and this movie proved I wasn't wrong. Seeing superheroine movie made by a female director is refreshing, somewhat feminine but definitely not cheesy. I still have not really feeling Gal Gadot's acting but she's way better than her previous stint in Fast and Furious. I really like how the story took me in Diana's journey and how she learned everything in the human world. Also, Chris Pine. Oh. Steve Trevor is such a darling character. His patience and comical timing is everything. And his death really hurt me, a lot. I can't wait for Justice League. I hope Diana could balance the whole testosterone dynamic there. 4/5


I made an ongoing list of the movies I watched in 2017 in Letterboxd along with small reviews. For monthly recap please hop on to my diary.

For the next half, I'm looking forward the most to Dunkirk and Thor Ragnarok! So hyped! Probably some other movies like Blade Runner 2049, Atomic Blonde, Justice League, Coco, and so on. I ticked off Spider-man: Homecoming already so I'm on the right track. There are some movies I'm still on the fence with such as Despicable Me 3 and Lego Ninjago so we'll see. 2017 is shaping up to be a good good year for movies.


Any movies you watched this year? Any movies you're looking forward to?

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