Trip to AEON Mall and Conversations in between

A little after Eid Al-Fitr, I went to a mall just outskirt of the city. If you've been to Japan, then you must've heard AEON Mall. This one is their first branch in Jakarta and been open for around two years. The main attraction is definitely the food court filled with a variety of Japanese food in the ground floor. There's also ramen village on the top floor along with a handful of stalls opened here and there. Not to mention their main attraction: Sakura Park with illumination lights in the outdoor area.

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But actually, I came to this place to meet this wonderful lady 👩👈👩

Peni and I have been friends since LiveJournal days, back to more than ten years ago. I couldn't quite remember how we could get connected but we oftentimes talk through comments in respective blogs. We talked back and forth and suddenly it's years after our meeting and I realized we haven't met yet. So during the holiday we talked and finally we met.

Listening to her stories going here and there across the world is beyond marvelous. From streets of Paris to Machu Picchu and Japan (check out her travel instagram too!). We bonded along the way in her car, talking about practically everything as if we're never short on stories. Stuffing our tummy with the abundance of food and beverages here and there, going window shopping, a lot of conversation in between, it was nothing short of amazing. Honestly kicked myself, Why didn't I try to meet her sooner? But then again, maybe I would hear less of her traveling stories so it was a perfect time.

I met Peni years after our meeting in the internet and honestly, I can't wait to meet you guys too. Fingers crossed for that day in the future.

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