2017 Movies Reviewed, Second Half

Looking back, I quite regret that I missed some of the highly anticipated movies from last half. Movies like Blade Runner 2049, Wind River, even Coco. But on the other hand, I am glad the time I spent in cinema was worth it. I watched the movies that have been on my list for quite some time and pretty entertained by them. By the last half, my office moved to the central region of the capital. More entertainment but also less time to go to one. Something I've been trying to fix to this day!

Warning: review may contain spoiler. 


Spider-Man: Homecoming

I like Marvel Studio's new take on this much-loved neighborhood hero. It's fresh, it feels current, it feels homely. More of coming of age film than a superhero one and I really appreciate it. Somewhat a reminder to Sam Raimi's trilogy with The Amazing Spider-Man touch. Everyone was awesome. Michael Keaton steals the show by being such a humane villain we can all relate to somehow. And Tom Holland! This movie cemented why he's the best Peter Parker AND the best Spider-Man. That being said, I am terribly bummed that they were trying to make this as a tie-in to Captain America: Civil War. Iron Man did bring more profit but I feel like he was there just to see Peter slip up and then go "I told you so." In all, pretty entertaining but also feel insubstantial at times.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

I weren't originally wanting to watch this but I feel like I need some hilarious entertainment at that moment, so there I go. Best decision, honestly. Everyone is equally entertaining. The dysfunctional team between Ryan Reynolds and "the Motherfucker" Samuel L. Jackson is amazingly well done. The action was top-notch too. Nothing got left behind. But I really have to give a shout-out to Salma Hayek's character and her potty mouth. Damn goals.

Baby Driver

Fun fact: Edgar Wright, the director of this movie, was supposed to direct Ant-Man. And since people in Letterboxd raved about this movie so much I think I shall give it a view. It was so so good. No regrets. Everything was so A+ I really cannot fault it. It feels like a bundled up love letter to the cinema in general. In particular, the shots and the cinematography. If you're on the look for good movie to spend your night with, this is the one. Don't blame me if you're jamming along to the soundtrack 😜

Thor: Ragnarok

I highly anticipate this movie you have no idea. I believe for too long that Thor would bring something new to the table now that Taika Waititi helmed it and my prayer have been answered. It was gloriously fun! Taika took some cheeky tone in Thor 1, set it in space opera, get rid of almost everything, yet injected new life to the much-needed God of Thunder. So Thor lost a hammer but gained a comedy skill. I'd say that's a good trade. The thing that's unmistakably present in this movie is how the people involved looks like they are having the time of their life, and it showed! I cannot love Thor more. Good job, Taika.

Justice League

Okay, so I ended last year with a disappointment. With the awesomeness that is Wonder Woman, I had this glimmer of hope that Justice League would end up having me on a good ride. What a hope it was. Zack Snyder's vision and Joss Whedon's vision collided rather messily and left off hanging by a thin thread that is amazing characters. They ended up being a saving grace of this messy execution and a rather sexist take on a Superhero movie. I believe Snyder's vision was good enough yet Warner Bros. execs still wanted Whedon to give his touch, resulted in this mess. Not to mention everything about Superman gave me chills and not in a good kind. I still have hope James Wan would save the team for the upcoming Aquaman this year. And I hope Snyder would take a note or two because damn, I still have lots of hope for DCEU!


I made an ongoing list of the movies I watched in 2017 in Letterboxd along with small reviews. For monthly recap please hop on to my diary. Read the first half review here.

I cannot stress how much I am looking forward to 2018. Particularly because lots of amazing and highly anticipated movies lining up this year. Black Panther (coming up on my birthday!), Avengers: Infinity War (!!!!!!), Ant-man and the Wasp, Aquaman, Isle of Dogs, and so many more. And you bet that I will (try) to watch them all!


How's your cinema trip in 2017? Any movie felt stood out the most for you?

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