I am 29 today. . On this age, I want to trust the process more. All of those soul-crushing, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking moments. Taking my time to understand that some things must be broken to take new shape, including me. Diamonds form under pressure and grapes need to be crushed to make wine. I hope these and those hard, grueling times are a catalyst to form a better, greater me. "I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - to a better shape." . Again, today I am going to relish in greetings and loves sent by the people who still think of me in this day and age. Thank you for the past full of lessons. Cheers for the exciting future ❤ . (((I cut my bangs weeks ago 💇 and yes I have mismatched eyelids with unruly hair. NOTHING CAN TAME ME loljk)))

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I turned 29 last Friday. Looking back, I still stand by what I've said. My life has been okay despite the neverending turmoil. There were times I thought I'll never be able to make it through. But I did. There were times I thought that I'm going crazy due to everything. But then when I remember them, I chuckle. The struggle is indeed essential for living. I have been thinking a lot about the period between wanting, realizing, and having since last year. I began to realize that the process is just as sweet and rewarding as the result later. I think all of the frustrations and despairs and anger and confusions are also essential to thrive, bloom, and evolve. I hope this new age would make me welcome the grueling and prevailing process of becoming.

PROCESS. My keyword for this age.

We find true contentment when we can embrace the fact
that life is a never-ending work in progress.
— Kelsey Clark.

So yeah, a little update. Things have been quiet on this blog since there is a lot on my plate right now. A combination of relentless rainy days, grandfather moved into our house, neverending adjustment, minor earthquake for three days straight, and staying sane above it all. It's been a pretty smooth transition, to say the least. Everything has been good, albeit not easy. But we thrive. My days are filled with mundane, boring routine (and cats, more cats) in which I am grateful for. One less thing to be frustrated on, no? And the blog has been taken quite a hit. I stopped updating monthly movie recap (please go to my letterboxd instead) because it feels too comfortable. I want to get back into the hang of writing usual monthly recap again. But alas, I failed on the first month already. I'm also behind on blog walking but I promise I'll get back to everyone real quick.

In the meantime, I hope you are well. And thank you for everything. Be back soon! 👌💓💋

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