Highs and Lows

I'm still alive (sadly).


  1. Reunited with my COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid. I've been slacking off skincare since the start of the year because everything has been running off at the same time. But I'm trying to get back into it again now. I forgot how good it is.
  2. Got my work contract renewed. Guess it's counted as high because at least I wouldn't have to think of applying for a new job soon but I guess at this point I'm just lazy. And I hate myself for that.
  3. Met a longtime friend from Jogja and we spent a day together. Watched Ready Player One then have lunch plus milk tea. It's nostalgic. I feel grateful.
  4. Ready Player One was so good. I was drawn by the sheer number of cameos and stayed for how marvelous the world was crafted. And the pop culture references were gold. Still a bit bugged by that joy division t-shirt lmao
  5. I started skipping bronzer and wear blush only. I like how I look brighter wow should've done it since long ago.
  6. I've been falling back to music in general especially since my favorite unit group did comeback back in February — best birthday gift ever, eh? Not to mention the awesomeness that was Black Panther soundtrack. So far it's been a music-oriented year and I enjoyed it so far.
  7. Also this good shit.
  8. And the fact that I feel happier since then. Who would've thought that getting back to music and spending sleepless nights watching live videos of those 18 boys being random were the cure to my heavy heart?
  9. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR HSGDJDKDK still wrecked me up a bit but safe to say it fulfilled my expectations. I won't say a lot and I still need to go to second viewing soon but do watch it if you've watched Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron (probably Captain America: Civil War too) and familiar with each characters' story. I think it'd be very confusing if you going in blind.
  10. The lovely fact that my day is quite mundane and uneventful despite the thundering mind.


  1. Unpredictable weather. Some days it rains throughout the day. Some days it's so sunny you'll keep squinting. 'Wear jacket in the morning and regret it in the afternoon' kind of weather.
  2. I'm aching for new adventure. Maybe just go someplace new. But I never seem to be able to allocate time and strength to it. My weekends are basically me trying to get more sleep.
  3. Lately my days have been super restless and my sleep has gone too deep it's a struggle to wake up. I love my bed but I definitely didn't have this issue before. I am somewhat relieved that most of my peers are struggling with the same problem.
  4. My gastritis is gone worse for a full week. It's so bad I literally went back home after I hopped on the bus to work in the morning because the pain is unbearable. It's better now though. Probably I ate something off too.
  5. I need a new cellphone with bigger RAM.
  6. Really gotta make time to watch A Quiet Place.
  7. Really gotta spend time for blogwalking.
  8. Major disappointment in friendship in general.

Funny that I kept tweaking the blog's design despite I never have any intention to update stuff. I think being comfortable with daily routine have gotten to me. Or maybe the fact that it's getting harder to put what's been thundering in my mind into words. I miss being so excited to write everything. I miss those days..

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