How January Goes

Back to scheduled posting, I guess? I don't know whether I should keep up with Highs and Lows or put updates in separate boxes but eh, let's do this again. Bear with me with the slow updates as I'm trying to work my way through work-life balance and pushing myself to take more photos despite my mundane life.

The photo above was ever so kindly taken by my workmate when we were waiting for a cab. I rarely got my photo taken by others so I treasured it so much (cries).


  1. Went to Bogor for another Walking Tour with workmates. Pretty much went to some places around Bogor Botanical Gardens. It's really nice to hear about the history of the town. The rain was a bummer, though. But we were happy. We had lunch with an awesome seafood platter. Afterward, we went to a nearby mall for some snacks. It was a nice day.
  2. Cats. CAAAATTTSSS. You know how much I love cats. I got to play with office's cat that gave birth to five kitties. A neighbor's cat came by and gave birth to three kitties on my porch so now I half-own them. So yeah, my transformation to becoming a cat lady is almost complete.
  3. Two workmates' birthday! (Is it just me or you're always more excited when it's others' birthday?)
  4. Attempted back to reading. Bought Sapiens solely because I am curious and so far so good.
  5. Finally tried The Ordinary: Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and Lactic Acid 10% + HA. SO GOOD. I especially impressed with Hyaluronic Acid one because it moisturizes like no other. Probably my holy grail for now. Lactic Acid is also good. Though not on par with my previous COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid.
  6. I finally gave in and bit the bullet on eye cream by a local brand Avoskin. I still have my Panda eyes but they're not as horrid as before and I look less tired too — at least that's what my brother said.
  7. I have been solely using cream blush only. I have two from local brands, one is brown-orange-coral-ish and the other one is cherry red. Both looking good on me and I've been getting the compliment that my face looks fresher!
  8. POSTCARD FROM NATALIE AAAAHHHH. Her penmanship!!! Her message!!! I love her!!!


  1. Dropped my cellphone in Bogor. Twice. Once the battery flew out. Tragic. Scratched a little here and there but no serious damage caused.
  2. The rain during Walking Tour was a major bummer! One second it rains, one second it stops.  We managed to buy disposable raincoats but still kinda dampened our mood. Luckily everything still went smoothly and we managed to see Salak Mountain which usually covered by fog.
  3. "If you really want to get a know a person, travel together." Well, they are not wrong! Our trip together proved that INFPs cannot travel together or one will be found pulling the hair out. Not that dramatic but there are times I wish I didn't understand others' struggle and be empathetic about it just because I am an INFP.
  4. Probably I picked the wrong book to spur my reading interest back but I found Sapiens is so hard to get into. I like the topic, I like how the author tells the story. So I think I haven't get the... feeling? Vibe? If any of it makes sense? I couldn't get into it. I think I have to push through.
  5. I think I will never understand that there are people who wake up and get out of their house to hurt people on sight. Like, learn how to behave before you dare to wander around this earth spitting bullshit, probably?
  6. Is terribly sad to find out that most of my favorite blogs have gone quite inactive along with me for the last year. I think the blogging-fatigue have caught up with a lot of people.
  7. Trying to get back into blogwalking. 2018 has been crushing my self-esteem in many aspects which made me reluctant to even open friends' blogs and leave a comment. There was also this one incident which affected my take on blogging and how I see the relationship with people in general, so yeah. It will take a while for me to be my usual chatty self and drop my presence here and there again. But please don't think of me as a snob or something. I am working up my courage. And it's been hard. But I'm trying. It's in present continuous tense.
  8. Blogging is another thing I am desperately trying to get back into. My brain was being really noisy for the past couple of days, screaming "Write! Write!" But when I open my laptop, poof. They're either gone or I stuck in the first sentence to open the post. It will get better in time as long as I write, right?

The usual movie reviews will be back shortly once I gather all the tickets ISTG they are all over the place. Tell me about your January. I would love to know! 💓

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