February Odds and Ends

February has been gentle and kind. Gentle in its way of sending waves of realization that flows ever so smoothly to gratefulness. Kind despite the hecticness that is workload I don't have to worry about many things and everything I want and need are just delivered right to me without much hardship and difficulty. What a month it was.


First major sickness of the year. Somehow I always fell ill in February, I don't know why! Been feeling nauseous for almost a week and thought my gastritis problem has gone worse since my usual meds didn't work anymore. On top of those, I had sore throat and cold. So I went for a check up on a Friday and had my first IV drip. They also had to pump the meds in since I was too nauseous to swallow (but I ate just fine. I had Yoshinoya for lunch, even). I had my blood checked and thankfully they didn't find anything off. Just my immune system went down because of the weather. People have been showering me with love and well wishes left and right. I am so grateful.

Workload has been ruthless and relentless to the very end of February and I think I suffered from dehydration which made my back aches so bad. I got to the point of hating to sit, even! I sat for 12 hours non-stop to meet deadlines and forgot to take a drink in between  because I think I would pee so I resisted. So yeah, get up and take a break and drink lots!

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About my birthday...

I turned 30 on 16th. I went to a cat cafe with a friend and played with a lot of cats. It was heaven! Too bad there were some kids who chased the cats, made them afraid. I am able to play with them not long after the kids go. They are the sweetest. Though they didn't enjoy being held, they appreciate a lot of strokes and pats. Just lazying around near my lap. I got the opportunity to hold a shoulder cat and honestly? I can die happy now — it's the equivalent of that stranger with a dog meme, tbh.

Previously we went to had ramen for lunch and then we wander in the nearest mall. I thought she forgot my birthday, but she put a very cute set of chick magnets in my bag when I wasn't looking 😭 she's the sweetest! In all, I had a lovely birthday.

On this age, I want to appreciate myself more. I am feeling (finally!) somewhat financially secured after working for so long and I just want to take things slow. I want to really travel abroad to catch my favorite artists' concert and then having an adventure. Maybe by myself, maybe with some friends. I am excited about that.

About that birthday surprise...

I was so sad for having only one coworker greeted me happy birthday on 16th. I took a day off next Monday and resumed my work by Tuesday. Unbeknownst to me, some coworkers have prepared a surprise cake! It was probably my first birthday cake in five years. They also gifted me a foundation I have been coveted for a while and I love it 😭 I also received a bundle of letters from them and a bundle of papers contained short sentence for me to look at whenever I am weary. I feel blessed and grateful 😭

One of my favorites is "We certainly don't know the right way to love you, but we do love you. And we are learning."

I am deeply aware that I am a difficult person in every aspect. Not to mention I don't know "half-assed", "50%", etc. All I know is "pedal to the metal" and "take it or leave it". It's applicable in every aspect including friendship. Because, even if it ends, I can say that I have given my everything without regret. It might scare people off. I may come across hot-headed and bold. But it's words like these that made me realize that my effort, as misinterpreted it is, never gone unnoticed. And there are lots of ways to loved and be loved.

Some self-indulgence...

I bought a foundation from Rosé All Day since my previous one is running out and it worked so well. The finish is natural and I love how it looks on my dry skin albeit the coverage is so minimal — which I don't mind. It comes in a package with its own sponge, Biore Sunscreen, and Biore Micellar Water for less than USD 25. What a steal. I also bought Effortless 3-in-1 Velvet Multi Lipblush from Mad for Makeup in the shade Sage on its popup store in the cat cafe (we also had a cat toy competition using the makeup sponge which was so random, but I won 3rd place so it's ok lol). The red brick color falls lovely on my tan skin. And it's multi so I can use it as blush and lipstick and dash outta the house.

JK, who am I without my bronzer.

Mental note, more selfies for the blog. I wonder if it's okay to post a quick review of local brands in this space, though.

I also bought an Innisfree My Hair Calming Shampoo. Nothing marvelous but at least it works well on my sensitive scalp so there's that. Adding NCT 127's NCT #127 Limitless to my collection too. Tried to find the pink version of TVXQ's New Chapter #2: The Truth of Love to no avail 😔 I also add blue trousers and mustard blazer to my wardrobe (photos coming soon, I hope. If the sky decided not to be gloomy whenever I have my day off).

Other stuff...

*(Alternatively subtitled as "Regrets...") Again, due to work, I skipped a lot of movies for the month. In fact, I didn't go to the cinema! But I found solace in watching Netflix. Kingdom was so good. I recommend you to finish all episodes in one sitting to get the whole vibe. No regrets. I am resuming Beauty Inside (the soundtrack is top notch, guys) and still thinking to finally start Umbrella Academy. Titans seems promising too. And of course, Dogs. Gotta get to it soon.

I'm a little bummed because The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 almost ran out on me. It's barely two months! By adding 1-3 dollars I could get CosRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence that contains five times the amount (5.6 oz) of The Ordinary's (30 ml). I find it hydrating but also there are many hydrating products in the market. So I am not necessarily disappointed but there are lots of alternatives.

Looking forward to March!

  • Captain Marvel! (Watched it! Spoiler: my '90s soul is happy as a clam!)
  • Us (While I am not into horror but I will brave anything for Jordan Peele's masterpiece)
  • Shazam
  • Starting bullet journal (!!!)
  • Restarting my skincare routine
  • And the possibility of having a girls day out. Woohoo!

So tell me how was your February been! I hope it's equally surprising and awesome in the kindest way x

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