And We March On

March was a bit on the depressive state. Aside from all the hecticness in life, there's this indescribable heavy pang I felt throughout. Disappointment? Guilt? I was trying to stay sane when everything feels like falling apart. I found solace in city traveling and shopping, which is bad. But here are some stories.

Managed to snap a gorgeous sunset on my way home. I think I developed a skill to take a photo when the motorbike halted due to a traffic jam — yes, it requires a skill to balance your hand on top of the helmet! Kind of missing this clear sky. April hasn't gone without rain so far.

Kind of out of topic but a while ago I learned a new Korean slang, "시발비용 (Shibal biyong)" which translated to Fuckit Expenses (read more here). I feel it so hard because I have been using Go-Jek (the equivalent of Grab/Uber) to work because I don't think it's worth the cheap penny to go with public transportation for almost two hours due to a roadblock. Why would I when using motorbike only cost thirty minutes tops? Even though it's not so cheap in the long run, I'd still choose it any day.

I and a friend went to an exhibition in the National Museum called "Italy: Beauty of Knowledge". It celebrated the 70th anniversary of Indonesia and Italy's diplomatic relations (more info). The event features Italy's technology and its applications throughout aspects of life and its innovations. Since the lighting was bad I didn't take a lot of photos but it was pretty insightful. I can't wait to go and see the technology in flesh someday in its home, Italy.

Another weekend me and the same friend went to a bazaar in the City Hall called "Semasa di Balai Kota" (instagram). Everything was locally made and sourced I am pleased! Sad that I only bought a sticker from official merchandise since I am tightening my belt for the upcoming trip. There's also a traditional band playing folk songs and old tunes. We went to explore the City Hall and National Library located not far afterward.

The other day I participated in a trial run of Mass Rapid Transport in the capital (the equivalent of German's S-Bahn or Thailand/Singapore's MRT). Raised platform and subway train transportation system that connects the suburb to the center of the capital. I am no stranger to a raised platform, being a regular passenger of Transjakarta Corridor 13 for the last two years. Yet still, there's this floating, soaring feeling seeing Jakarta's skyline spread out like a carpet for your eyes to feast upon.

Captain Marvel was fun and I watched it twice, once on iMax. My 90s soul is happy though there are several plotholes and the movie feels lighter for a 'first' Avenger. I think marvel kind of setting the bar low on purpose considering the higher stake Carol Danvers will have on Avengers: Endgame (have the trailer broke you yet?). Makes the movie feels like a filler and just 'there', which is a shame.

New in:

  • Adidas VS Advantage CL  (shop) in white and blue.
  • Sandals from Lollo & Brigida (shopee) for the upcoming wedding invitations. Being on 40% off I couldn't resist. They are also very comfortable to walk long miles. And the colors are just too pretty.
  • Rollover Reaction Sueded! Lip and Cheek Cream in Maxwell (terracotta) and Halolight Bronzer in Sun Gleam. Both have been my daily staple as they are very easy to use and natural-looking. 
  • A clear makeup bag from MAD for Makeup (shopee) because I am into using tote bag lately yet I want a compartment safe enough for my stuff. Funny they sent it along with my favorite sour candy. Customer Service: A+.
(No affiliated links intact! I'm just too lazy to take photos that's all lol)

Other things I enjoyed:

  • Daily vlogs. Especially uni girls tackling their study and having fun. To think that most of them only record with iPhone is insane. I also love Korean girls' vlogs. I think their life is so aesthetically pleasing and made me want to enjoy my life simply, yet to the fullest. Some of my favorites are Sueddu, Onuk, Clahrah, Chrlene, and HeyHye.
  • Autumn tones. As seen in my feed, I am into nude-ish brown and cream color palette. I find it incredibly soothing and relaxing. Also mirrored my current taste in clothing.
  • Revamping my outfit. I am also into nude, autumn tones: yellow, brown, khaki, mustard, a touch of green and gold. I am still loving my darker colors but I am trying to embrace the new palette that flatters my skin tone.
  • Taking photos. My skill still sucks but I try not to think each photo as if they must be Instagram worthy and snap away for the sake of fun memories instead. My phone memory suffered yet my heart is full. I think you can see the difference when you took photos in a happier state of mind.
  • Bullet Journaling. Kinda. I am hesitating what to refer to it since it's basically just a weekly journal with schedules and things I've done in a day. But it helped me to recount the good memories, which is incredibly handy for this blog. I also stored some tags and tickets from recent purchases and travelings so it also became a storage place. I did write some goals for the year to assist me 're-center' myself when times get rough. Next, I want to make a monthly subscription/bill tracker and maybe insert a mood tracker under each post.
  • Blogging. Or just writing in general. My journal has spurred me to write longer sentences later on, which made me realize I miss posting in this space. In fact, I have two drafts waiting to be posted soon (wink wink).

I tried to keep it short (still ended up babbling) because I am going to post some of my trips in a separate post(s)! I think I finally have enough contents to put two posts each month. Also, I have been thinking to change the layout and/or migrating to Squarespace. But it's for another time. In another note, I am looking forward to the upcoming trip out of town this April to a dear friend's wedding and a short getaway! Which more like a staycation, but still!

Tell me how's your March been! Are you excited for Avengers: Endgame?

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