Come Again May

This is incredibly late. I know. Bear with this one failed so-called Blogger™.

May! The fifth month of the year! Along came Ramadan month in which we Muslims are fasting. The on-going struggle was represented by sleepiness and thirst. Resulted in short naps on a daily basis. I did get my work done but I just feel like I wasted my fasting when I was supposed to do something meaningful, you know? I don't really mind, though.

One day I brought Sapiens to work to distract me from sleeping. Assigned me to read one chapter per day. I did take a nap once or twice. But I also happy to say that I made progress to half of the book so I'd say I succeed! It gets amusing when it talks about religion — fitting to the month. And I found myself looking forward to reading more.

I spent the majority of the month at home to avoid people lol It happened when you try to keep your fasting and everyone got irritating. Despite I did nothing religion-specific throughout I feel well-rested by taking time for myself. I tried to take things slower instead of strike-it-while-its-hot. Also appreciating food in general. First and foremost, coffee.

I had no idea how dependent I was until I couldn't take any on the peak of the day. Too sleepy to function!

I took two days off early May just because I feel like it. Just resting and doing nothing aside of house cleaning. Nothing special. I just feel like I haven't take any day off aside of sick day in almost a year of working (!!) so there's that. It's nice.

I went to watch Pokemon Detective Pikachu on the first day of viewing. As expected it fell flat on the story. But I'd give anything to see real-life Pokemon antics. I really love the CGI. As if they put a whole lot of love in it. There's this scene of Pikachu laying on its back and you just knew the softness of the fur on its belly. Also Bulbasaur's beautiful irises. I can go on forever. They really made my day.

I also watched Avengers: Endgame again. For the last time. As the credit roll crept up, I sat there in silence, tears running down my cheeks. I don't want to leave. It's like parting with a bunch of best friends at the graduation. Parting with the sweet time you'll never knew you'll ever have again. It was so bittersweet this time.

The last movie for the month is long-awaited John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. I did feel it's more fulfilling than the second one. The whole story works better. More nuance, more depth, and closed the trilogy nicely. But I also think that nothing is quite remarkable? Majority of fight choreo fell flat aside of the first ten minutes and Wick VS The Raid alumnus: Kang Yayan and Kang Cecep. There were also parts of the story which are predictable and cliche. Overall a weak movie but I'd say it's a notch better than the second one.

I had the worst PMS breakout this month. Anyone feel as we're getting older the PMS gets more painful with horrible side effects? I had zits all over my temple and it was frustrating. It prompted me to try a local acne facial mask since I knew I couldn't prevent it so might as well just treat it afterward. I think it worked well! Just need to be very patient and use it twice a week without fail.

I also splurged a bit on few pieces of stuff: Nacific Real Floral Toner Calendula, The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%, ELF Lip Exfoliator, and Neogen Bio-Peel in wine. Been loving each of them so far! Will definitely update the progress when I finished with them all!

So how was your May? I hope it's far more energizing on your side. Can you believe we're halfway through 2019? Time indeed flew too fast!

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