Into June

June was a bit overwhelming. Ied Holiday which resulted in a week-long break from the office. Minor accident on the way to work. Got bangs. Went to another walking trip. Just feeling more tired than usual but all is good and fine. Anyone felt that June was unusually long?

Ied Holiday break arrived earlier this month. A well-needed break in which I fully used to, what else, sleep. The family gathering was a bit emotional this year due to personal circumstances. But it went fine. No photos because, though I did my loveliest makeup that day, I always relegated to do the dishes #AsianWomanHouseholdProblem

Funny story: I moved to a new global department this month and it involves a lot of webcam meetings. That's when I noticed my forehead is criminally wide -_- So by the next weekend, I ran to a hair salon to get bangs and little trim. I felt so much better and less insecure during meetings now haha

I had a minor accident on my way to work. One morning, I took a bus and I have to go down the stairs of the pedestrian overpass. I took a misstep and sprained my foot. It hurts like hell but I am grateful so many people helped me to get to the office. I had it massaged later that afternoon then soak it in warm water and salt, and the pain subsided by the next day. It still hurts to this day but only if I put it on a funny angle. I shall get it re-checked soon if only I'm not so busy!

I went to another walking tour by JKT Good Guide in collaboration with Semasa Piknik event during the capital city's anniversary. The tour was around Lapangan Banteng which was pretty similar to the previous tour I joined with Seratus Persen Manusia. It was pretty exhausting but super lovely since it was held in the afternoon to nighttime. Jakarta is indeed magical in the golden hour.

I went on a shopping spree because Uniqlo released another manga UT which features... Detective Conan! I, a Conan enthusiast went straight away and bought three tees. I am happy because the details are subtle enough that I can use every day without looking too merchandise-y but also clear enough for other enthusiasts to see.

Somehow it slipped my mind that I watched Aladdin by the end of May, so there's that. On June I only managed to watch the long-anticipated X-Men: Dark Phoenix. it's not disappointing but I can see why people aren't satisfied with it. a lot of things built to a great momentum only to fell flat. But I personally think that fighting sequence before the final one is looking great, almost MCU-like. Fassbender always owns his Magneto hard and it's nice to see younger ones stepping up to their role. I think this was far better than the mess that was X-3.

I also went to one wedding by the end of June. I was considering to buy a new dress but knowing the venue was too far from home and I would want to easily move here and there while still looking pretty, I declined. I wore the exact same top and pants from one April wedding and threw over a long kimono just to spice things up. I didn't regret it but I think I need to re-evaluate my formal/party wardrobe.

How was your June like? 2019 second half, here we go!

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