I went to Jogja mid-April for a friend's wedding after four years. Vacation which felt more like a staycation. But I am happy. I spent my two days coffee-hopping and staying inside the inn because I am tired from accumulated months of working.

The inn I was stayed at, Woodpecker Pavilion, was quite far from downtown but it's near colleges thus made it the region of student's dorms. Also mean one thing: cheap food. I only managed to try Ayam Geprek Bu Rum nearby for lunch yet believe me I am still craving for it a month later. There's a coffee shop on the lower ground which I haven't managed to try. But I definitely will stay here again next time.

Aside from the wedding I only spent my two days coffee hopping. First was Couvee, newly opened coffee store in Seturan. The ambiance was so nice albeit chilly (I wear rather flowy tops too so it contributed, maybe). When we came it was packed with people spending the night or students finishing their assignment. I ordered Java which has quite a strong acidity level but not enough to keep me awake. I really like it. I will definitely come to the one in Jakarta soon.

The second one was Filosofi Kopi in Jogja. I went to the one in Jakarta just before I went to this one. While the Jakarta counterpart uses former building of a bespoke tailoring shop, its Jogja counterpart uses mini houses with one giant house in the center as brewing spot and cashier table. Makes it more homey and perfect to spend an hour or two (my friend said the night view is one to die for). The barista sold me on caramel latte but it was too sweet. Better stick with the usual latte then.

Too short? Yes. Well needed? Absolutely. Would do it again? Maybe, with better planning. I would like to try a week off.

Where have you gone lately?

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