And July

Hello. We're halfway through 2019 now (cue cold sweats). How has July been for you? To me, it's somewhat chaotic. The work seemed endless, little personal hardships here and there. But as always there's a little delight I found here and there. Again, trying to take it easy because I always think I have too much on my plate. Maybe not. Maybe I am just easily overwhelmed nowadays.

I started the month by watching the long-anticipated Spider-man: Far from Home which exceeded all expectations. I always love Sony's new approach with Tom Holland's Spidey and make it a teenage coming-of-age movie with a touch of a superhero. I love this one far better than Homecoming because of personal reasons hehe. I also managed to watch the winner of Cannes' Palme d'Or, Parasite from South Korea. It's amazing and the twists, which are to be expected from the title, actually came unexpectedly. Really love the whole Asian household struggle and it quite hits home in some aspects. The ending made me icky in a good way and honestly, I can't recommend it enough.

A very lovely surprise came mid-month: my favorite group, TVXQ, is coming to town late August! So excited! Truth be told, I have given up any hope of watching their concert unless I go to Korea and/or Japan (last time I watched them was at a joint concert in 2012). But they are going to come! I'm glad!

I also managed to sneak in a moment to watch Avengers Endgame Extended, which was a little not worth it though I am loving the Stan Lee Tribute. But honestly, nothing new. Might as well skip it.

So the category I wanted for the TVXQ concert was sold out in less than a minute when the sales opened and I was heartbroken. I was heavily unsure if my leg could withstand long hours of standing (because it even hurts to stand for too long in the bus right now) so I persisted to wait in case a new batch opens. Newsflash: it didn't. So I relegated and chose a standing ticket in the center. I really have no excuses to delay the checkup now.

I also ended my temporary stint in the global department by the end of the month. I never felt I learned so much in such a short span of time. I learned a lot about management be it in time and working, increased productivity, speaking —from all those webcam meetings. Also, the hidden power that Google Sheets hold. Wow.

In case you didn't notice, I failed to post my half-year movie review. I really was meaning to post it before August starts, but of course, I couldn't. But!!! It's live now!!! Come give it some lovin'!!!

Something I've been meaning to post is a little roundup of me being a little tourist in the city. Nothing much, probably just more photos than text. You could expect that in the coming weeks.

I didn't want to expect much this August because I somehow can sense the personal impending doom. Again, trying to take it slow. But I do have some watchlist to tick off and maybe a short trip to museums and open spaces so that I don't feel too bummed out. We'll see.

How was your July?

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