August Rush

How is it already August? Time went too fast and we're past the eighth month of the year. Wow. To be honest, nothing major happening this month but there was one concert I look forward to the most: TVXQ's! So this month's recap would be a word vomit about how I finally am able to witness them live!

I went back to my previous team after a short stint at the global team and honestly, everything went too slow for my liking. But I also took the opportunity to slow down after weeks of chaotic daily deadlines. It felt nice. I think the change refreshed me, which is important for my work. I also took a day off just to rest at home. I think I deserved that.

Truth be told though, nowadays I am suffering from a bad case of questioning myself. Whether my work quality has improved or not, seeing the assessment have been far from my liking. Am I that bad? What can I improve? All narrowed down to the point of wanting to resign so that the office would find a better worker. But I guess, as long as there's no direct complaint then my work should be okay. But seriously, though. Probably I should've asked for honest review face to face.

Last two weeks of August were fun due to two thing: Independence Day Celebration at work and TVXQ Concert -CIRCLE- #with!

I took part in celebration games with charades and despite my brain stopped working in the beginning to explain the rules of games, my coworkers were very patient with my demonstration and I feel super thankful. It can be so hard when your tongue dies in the middle of the sentence despite the overload information you want to say. But they have been very accommodating and everything went smoothly to the end. We also had a night karaoke session which I had too much fun with!

And came the day of TVXQ concert on August 31st! It was amazing and I got a pretty lovely spot next to the extended stage. They sang some of their greatest hits and several new songs. We jammed so hard to the end —which is why I didn't take many photos. Too busy jamming! Though the audience wasn't that much, they still performed so well as if it's a stadium level. I was awed and amazed. I managed to get a signed ball T_T #soblessed (full story and video is on instagram!).

Honestly, even by the time I am typing all of this, it still hasn't felt so much real. I felt like I was dreaming the best dream in my life because it was too good to be true. But it was real! Everything was so sweetly real! And I finally met a lot of friends I made in the decade of stanning them. They've always been the core of my universe. And to be able to meet them, this time in their concert, made me feel super sappy. Everything (finally) was alright with the world.

September came. I will try to improve my work quality and try to save up harder. There were a lot of misfortunes that gave quite a damage to my finance so far and I hope I could start making some progress with my savings. I haven't feel adulting done right in that part :( also, on September there will be a bazaar event in City Hall which I look forward. Can't wait!

How has your August been? Tell me stories. I would like to know x

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