Life So Far

i blinked and almost a year passed by without an update...

honestly, 2020 so far can be summed up in one word: awkward. every day is the new normal. neverending period of adjustment I hate to relive as if it's groundhog day. anyone feels the same? despite everything, it's been alright. sure the global pandemic hasn't been easy on most people, i     included. but I guess if anything, i shall look for the silver lining... if there's any...

so yeah, here are some updates from january to mid-august from yours truly, who felt like running out of love from blogging yet still wanting to buy new theme(s) and/or switching to squarespace. oh, the neverending struggle.


work has been strangely doing well despite the heavy deadlines come and go. the worst deadline i've experienced so far (somewhat) luckily happened during work from home period in the large scale social restrictions. endless hours of working from early morning to super late midnight past the witching hours. short to say, it was hell. but we managed to push through and all is right with the work again. at least until the next storm. i am dealing with burnout by taking naps and trying to work slower. sure, the deadline is approaching but you only have 24 hours a day and there is so much to do other than working so i took everything in bits instead of taking everything at once. i am grateful brother has been taking house chores to help, which left me more time to focus on work. i honestly thought my gastritis would act up, but weirdly, it's august and i have only suffered once.

other than those mentioned, same old. i hit the two-year milestone mark in the new office. impressive, i guess. also getting serious addiction of iced coffee twice a day. welp.


life has been weird but nothing tumultuous? rather quiet and uneventful, which i am glad. i absolutely couldn't have too much in my plate. despite not gentle at times, it's been alright. i finally mustered enough willpower to clean up my house and fixed things here and there. also, hear me out, installed wi-fi service — i know. how i have survived so far only with cellphone plan is beyond me... i got new sheets and nice cushion plus makeup storage. all that's left is the new curtain and railing because i really want to go to IKEA in person. but maybe it would take a long while :/

a little bit sad that my interest to document my life in photos and videos has decreased dramatically. i still take photos of stuff i bought online but nothing beyond that. and cats. of course cats. though i have never been someone who excessively photographs most things to begin with. sometimes i scroll through my gallery and realized despite i am such a homebody i still have such a colorful outdoor life haha

i guess the thing i miss the most is to be alone in the crowd with my thoughts. somehow the house feeling not so private anymore these days.


every time i try to write down my thoughts, i cannot help but think i have been alright. i kept a journal (nothing fancy, just to write down a to-do list and my feelings) and i realized i have never felt super bad throughout the year. other than that one time i had very bad diarrhea for days i absolutely have zero strength to get up off the bed. burnout does count as low times, i guess? if so, then yes, i think i have suffered enough burnouts to last me another year lol still trying to find more ways to unwind. i have utilized streaming services to a full extent. i finished several astonishing series and even amazing movies, back into my HGTV obsession, trying to laugh everything away with game shows. i bought several comics awhile ago now that it is calm before the storm i am hoping to ease back into reading again.

i have been slacking off in the skincare department doing less morning routine because i always feel like i am not going out of the house which is an absolute mistake to do. i am trying to fix it by doing the whole regime diligently to prep myself before work, at least moisturizer and sunscreen. why am i like this?

aaand cut. that's how my life has been going so far. rather dull, a very grateful one. i hope you have been well and alright. we're in this global pandemic together. i miss blogging.

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